#4 Simple Rectangular Caskets

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This is the model that launched our business. Graceful but inexpensive, the Simple Rectangular Casket is frequently used for presentations or as a cremation casket. Basic in its joinery and construction, this model features the true nature of each board, creating character for each casket with every unique knot and blemish. It is available in natural Oak, Pine, or Walnut.

This casket has a two-piece, screw down lid.

Simple Rectangular Casket in Natural Oak Oak – $1200
Simple Rectangular Casket in Pine Pine – $1000
Simple Rectangular Casket in Variegated Walnut Walnut – $1450
Casket Engraving Options Placement Options
Sample Engraving Images Sample Images
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78.5″L x 24″W x 14.5″H


80″L x 26″W x 17″H