Our Monastery and Traditions

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Trappist Caskets is a work of the monks of New Melleray Abbey. We are monks of the Roman Catholic Church who belong to the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, known as Trappists.

Founded in 1849, New Melleray Abbey was established at the time of the great famine by the monks of Mt. Melleray Abbey in Ireland.

As Cistercians, we follow the ancient monastic Rule of St. Benedict. Consistent with that rule, our vocation is expressed in a life of contemplative prayer, community liturgy, and manual labor. Simple living is one of the hallmarks of our life.

New Melleray Abbey launched Trappist Caskets in 1999, and shortly after began selling caskets and urns directly to families at wholesale costs. Our work at Trappist Caskets provides us with both meaningful work and vital financial support. To find out more about New Melleray Abbey and our way of life, visit our website.

Cistercian End of Life Traditions

For Trappists, there is beauty in death because it is treated as a natural part of life. Read More about Cistercian death and dying and the Church and death and dying.

The funeral and burial of a Cistercian Monk reminds us that by acknowledging the reality of death we can more readily affirm the meaning of life. Read More about the Funeral of a Cistercian Monk.

Immediate Delivery

Deliveries can be made in 1 or 2 business days to most destinations in the U.S.

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Future Need Planning

Reserving your Trappist Casket is a simple process that reduces the decisions your family will have to make later and locks in your price.

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Free Keepsake Cross

With your request for a catalog, we also send a Keepsake Cross like those that rest on the lids of our caskets.

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