Environmental Stewardship

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For hundreds of years the Trappists have been vigilant caretakers of the land.  Here at New Melleray Abbey, we have practiced responsible stewardship for over 155 years.

Our fields, gardens,  and orchards produce bountiful crops of organic fruits, vegetables, and grains. And trees from our award-winning forest provide lumber for caskets and urns.

To us, our forest is a prized treasure. We practice the old-world art of growing trees. A comprehensive forest management plan determines which trees we selectively harvest, with the goal of long-term conservation guiding every decision. The removal of mature trees allows precious sunlight to nurture the growth of younger trees, promoting a robust ecosystem. With a new tree planted in memory of every casket and urn recipient, the forest continues to grow in a harmonious balance. In fact, we plant far more new trees than we will ever harvest.

Seeking to be in accord with nature, Trappist Caskets make only earth-friendly products. Wood is celebrated here. The monks and the local lay artisans who work alongside them find great satisfaction in working with natural materials. Every board is hand selected for a specific purpose. Once that selection is made, the craft begins; a crisp mortise, a compound miter, a well-fit joint—the wood of the forest takes on a second life as a labor of love. The outcome is a Trappist Casket.

Child Casket Fund

A setting sun shines through clouds on a peaceful eveningOur Child Casket Fund can help ease the burden of a family that mourns the loss of a child.

Help A Family In Need

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To order, call us at 888-433-6934. All caskets and urns are kept in stock for immediate shipment – even as soon as the next day. See our Shipping Estimator for approximate delivery costs.

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With your request for a catalog, we also send a Keepsake Cross like those that rest on the lids of our caskets.

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