Casket & Urn Blessing

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Our skill and labor are offered as a sacred ministry and corporal work of mercy. Beyond the old-world craftsmanship and care that goes into everything we do, every Trappist Casket and Urn is blessed by one of our monks. A card attached to each of these sacred receptacles contains the blessing and is signed by the monk who blessed it.

The Casket Blessing

Merciful Father, by your Son’s suffering, death, and rising from the dead, we are freed from death and promised a share in your divine life. By the hands of monks each day raised in praise of your goodness, this casket was prepared for your child who died in faith. We ask you now to bless this casket. Receive the soul of our departed brother or sister who is laid in this humble bed as in a cradle, safe in your care until the day of resurrection, when we will all be reunited in the vision of your glory who are Father, Son, and Spirit, one God forever and ever.  Amen.

The Urn Blessing

Lord, we rejoice in the victory of your son over death: by rising from the tomb to new life, he gives us new hope and promise.  Bless this urn and bless the souls of our departed loved ones whose ashes it will contain. Surround them with your love and protection until they are safely restored to you in eternal life where death will be no more. We make this prayer in the name of
Jesus Christ your Son.

A casket being blessed by two monks

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With your request for a catalog, we also send a Keepsake Cross like those that rest on the lids of our caskets.

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